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2024年4月21日 | 分类: 域名达人



安德鲁·罗森纳 (Andrew Rosener) 是域名行业的杰出人物,以其在域名估值方法、投资和经纪业务方面的重大贡献而闻名。作为MediaOptions的创始人兼首席执行官,安德鲁(Andrew)在该领域为自己开辟了一席之地,在过去1年中连续6年获得了全球#6域名经纪人的称号。自 2008 年以来,Rosener 参与了超过 6 亿美元的域名销售,并在众多备受瞩目的域名交易中发挥了关键作用,包括 Elon Musk、 和 ZOOM、 和 亚马逊,以及数千其他交易。

Rosener 在域名领域的专业知识体现在他创建的“Rosener 方程式”上,这是一个客观衡量域名价值的公式,他没有命名,但已被业界广泛采用。除了在域名经纪方面的成就外,Rosener还获得了许多其他行业荣誉,包括入选域名名人堂并被评为年度域名投资者。 Rosener 还是行业领先的教育播客 的所有者,该播客旨在教育商业领袖和投资者了解域名的优点和原则及其在技术堆栈和社会中的关键作用。

在涉足域名领域之前,Rosener 的职业生涯跨越了多个领域。在大学期间,他与他人共同创立了一家数据库软件公司,为长岛东部的蓝领企业提供定制的数据库解决方案,后来被招募到冷冻海鲜商品业务。作为一名鱼贩,他表现出色,在20岁出头时成为一家领先的扇贝进口商的销售副总裁,在近十年的时间里,他继续追求他对域名的热情。


斯坦福大学教授保罗·萨福(Paul Saffo)的一句话是“强者的观点,弱者”,这是罗森纳在生活的各个方面都大力奉行的格言。

Andrew Rosener is a distinguished figure in the domain name industry, known for his significant contributions to domain valuation methodology, investing, and brokerage. As the founder and CEO of MediaOptions, Andrew has carved out a niche for himself in the sector, earning the title of #1 domain broker in the world for the last 6 consecutive years. Since 2008, Rosener has been involved in over $600 million dollars in domain sales and has played a pivotal role in numerous high-profile domain name transactions, including to Elon Musk, to ZOOM, and and to Amazon, as well as thousands of others.

Rosener’s expertise in the domain name field is exemplified by his creation of the “Rosener Equation,” a formula to measure objectively what is the value of a domain name, which he did not name but has been widely adopted in the industry. In addition to his domain brokerage accomplishments, Rosener has received numerous other industry accolades, including induction into the Domain Name Hall of Fame and being named Domain Investor of the Year. Rosener is also the owner of, the industry’s leading educational podcast, which seeks to educate business leaders and investors about the virtues and principles of domain names and their critical role in the tech stack and society.

Before venturing into domain names, Rosener’s career spanned a wide variety of fields. He co-founded a database software company while in college, providing custom database solutions to blue collar businesses on eastern Long Island, and later was recruited into the frozen seafood commodities business. He excelled as a fishmonger, becoming a VP of sales for a leading scallop importer in his early 20’s, for nearly a decade, before moving on to pursue his passion for domain names​.

Rosener’s personal life could be described as equally dynamic. After marrying his German wife Anna, whom he met while living abroad in Australia, they relocated to Panama. They spent a decade there, building MediaOptions and starting a family before moving to Lisbon, Portugal, where they have lived for the last five years. Andrew and Anna have two young children. Outside of domain names, Rosener is an active participant in various investment and business ventures as an angel investor, as well as being an early investor and avid proponent of Bitcoin.

“Strong opinions, weakly held,” a quote attributed to Stanford professor Paul Saffo, is a maxim Rosener vigorously embraces in all aspects of his life.