DUM = Domains under Management

2022年11月10日 | 分类: 域名经验


DUM = Domains under Management


最近 .ME 注册局要求注册商重新签约,有部分注册商未能在截止时间前重新签约。于是 .ME 注册局邀请已重新签约的注册商申请接盘这些未重新签约的注册商的存量 .ME 域名。



请注意,签署新.ME RRA 于 2022 年 10 月 27 日星期四到期。尚未签署新RRA的注册商将在2022年12月1日星期四之后终止,其赞助域名将被转移到另一个。ME认可的注册商。

已终止的注册商列表,编号为 .附件中提供了受管理的ME域。

在此,我们邀请所有.ME认可的注册商签署了新的.ME RRA 将在 2022 年 11 月 9 日星期三之前提交此 RFP 的提案。提案应写在官方注册商信笺上,由授权人员签名并发送给 info@domain.me。它应包括:

来自获得注册商的人员的姓名和电子邮件,他们将与 协调转移。ME 注册表。

提案将根据与被终止的注册商的相似性(语言和文化身份)进行考虑,然后以“先到先得”的方式进行考虑。批量转移将免费进行。本提案由 .ME注册局,保留随时对其进行补充的权利。

.ME 支持

Registrars_and_DUM_Updated.xlsx (9.27K)

Dear Registrars,

Please note that the deadline for signing the new .ME RRA expired on Thursday, October 27th 2022. Registrars who have not signed the new RRA will be terminated after Thursday, December 1st 2022, and their sponsored domains will be transferred to another .ME accredited registrar.

The list of terminated registrars with the number of .ME domains under management is provided in the attachment.

Hereby, we invite all .ME accredited registrars who signed the new .ME RRA to submit a Proposal for this RFP by Wednesday, November 9th 2022. Proposal should be written on the official registrar letterhead, signed by an authorised person and sent to info@domain.me. It should include:

The name of the gaining registrar and losing registrar (or losing registrars)
The explicit statement that the gaining registrar is accepting the transfer of all .ME domains of the losing registrar (or losing registrars)
The names and emails of the persons from the gaining registrar who will coordinate the transfer with .ME Registry.

Proposals will be considered on similarity with the terminated registrar (linguistic and cultural identity basis) and then on a “First Come, First Served” basis. Bulk transfer will be done free of charge. This proposal is made at the sole discretion of the .ME registry, which reserves the right to supplement it at any time.

Kind Regards,
.ME Support

Registrars_and_DUM_Updated.xlsx (9.27K)