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October 29, 2016 Michael Berkens

缺货服务 正在增加卖家平台并提高缺货价格。

以下是我们收到的有关更改的电子邮件的要点: 和 现在是合作伙伴。

是的,你没听错。域名行业中两家最值得信赖和创新的公司现已联手。 和 现在正式成为合作伙伴。





2. 零日支付。这在业内几乎闻所未闻。一旦我们从买方获得付款,付款将直接发送到您的帐户,您可以购买和提取。

3. 您自己的拍卖页面。所有卖家都有自己的专用拍卖页面,位于[public_name]。您可以使用它来推广您自己的拍卖。


4. 免费托管!









由于成本增加,从 2016 年 11 月 15 日开始,黄金缺货的价格将增加到 28.99 美元,超级储蓄者的价格将增加到 16.99 美元。Top和XYZ将增加到5.99美元。这大大低于我们竞争对手的价格,是我们价格的两倍多。

Michael Berkens, Esq.是 的创始人兼主编。Michael还是Worldwide Media Inc.的联合创始人,该公司于2015年12月向 出售了约70K域名,现在拥有约8K域名。迈克尔也是威瑞信 30 周年评选的 5 位评委之一。通信竞赛。 Launches Sellers Platform; Adds; Increasing Backorder Fees

October 29, 2016 Michael Berkens

The backorder service is adding a Seller’s Platform and increasing prices of backorders.

Here are the highlights of an email we received about the changes: and are now partners.

Yes you heard right. Two of the most trusted and innovative companies in the domain industry have now joined forces. and are now officially partners.

In the coming months, you’ll see the benefits of this partnership through our new platform for SELLERS.

SELLER Platform

I’m pleased to announce our new SELLER Platform. :

1. You list all the domains you want to sell without the need to ask us. That’s right. You are in control of what domains you want to sell and can sell them anytime without the need to contact us to approve the domains.

2. Zero Day payouts. This is pretty much unheard of in the industry. As soon as we secure payment from the BUYER, payment is sent directly to your account which you can make purchases and withdraw from.

3. Your own auction page. All SELLERS have their very own dedicated auction page located at:[public_name] . You can use this to promote your very own auctions.

Here are some sample auction pages from our SELLERS:

4. Free Escrow!

The types of domains that are selling well on Pheenix are:
LLL (any extension)
Short Numerics

What sets us apart for BUYERS’s?

Get your domains in minutes without the need to work with the SELLER to PUSH/TRANSFER.

We know how important your time is. It’s a big hassle to coordinate with the SELLER to PUSH/Transfer domains once you purchase them. That’s why we’ve eliminated this entire step from the process for you.

Our system will perform any PUSH/Transfer automatically once the domain is sold without your involvement so that you secure your domains in minutes.

If you like a particular SELLER? Now you can follow your favorite SELLERS and get notified automatically when they list new domains for sale.

You can find our all Member Auctions under ‘Auctions > All Auctions > Members’.

New pricing for backorders.

Due to increased costs, beginning November 15, 2016, pricing for Gold backorders will increase to $28.99 and Super Savers to $16.99. Top and XYZ will increase to $5.99. This is substantially lower than our competitors pricing which is more than double our price.

Michael Berkens, Esq. is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Michael is also the co-founder of Worldwide Media Inc. which sold around 70K domain to in December 2015 and now owns around 8K domain names . Michael was also one of the 5 Judges selected for the the Verisign 30th Anniversary .Com contest.